The use of composites and new materials in aeronautics and the automotive sector: case studies

On 28 June, at Markina-Xemein, the Leartiker technology centre will celebrate the final event of the European AEROCAR project that has aimed to create a technology transfer network between the aeronautics and automotive sectors.

This project, co-financed by the Interreg Sudoe Programme through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), has lasted for 3 years. It has been led by Leartiker which has collaborated with other European entities: CTAG (Galicia Automotive Technology Centre), RESCOLL (Technology centre specialized in material development, France) and INEGI (Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Portugal).

The purpose of this project has been to create a constant synergy between the aeronautics and automotive sectors to improve productivity through the creation of new technologies, materials or processes, or by transferring them all from one sector to another. Therefore, at the closing day, we will present the different prototypes that either Leartiker or its collaborators have developed, all based on this purpose.

Jorge Silva from INEGI will present a development, made in combination with carbon fibre SMC materials and carbon fibre Prepregs, and focused on the automotive industry, specifically to develop a seat bracket.

From RESCOLL, Nicolas Henry will talk about the use of high range adhesives in the automotive industry for PA 12 adhesion and carbon fibre, validated for its use in the aeronautical industry.

Also, Raquel Ledo from CTAG will show a development for the aeronautical industry through the use of Unidirectional Carbon Prepregs.

Finally, LEARTIKER will present the different prototypes developed with the collaboration of Aernnova as well as with the company OSF for the aeronautical industry.

In addition to the exhibitions of the members of the consortium, we will count on the stellar presence of Sergio Moriano, director of the composite business line of DOMO Engineering Plastics. He will talk about the latest developments made by DOMO in the area of thermoplastic composites.

The day will end with a round table that will have two main objectives: to analyse the challenges faced by these materials in the near future and to channel future collaborative projects.