The technological centre Leartiker has participated in the International trade fair for plastics processing, FAKUMA, that was celebrated from October 16 to October 20 in Friedrichshafen. Fakuma is one of the most important fairs worldwide on the processing of industrial plastic; it is held every year in Germany. The fair, that celebrates its 26th edition last year, brought together more than 1900 exhibitors from 38 countries. Last year 48.000 professionals of the sector visited it.

Leartiker had its own stand in Fakuma where it was showing its specializations in the area of polymers and the advances it had realized in that area; for example the methodology of characterization, simulation and design that it uses for the prediction of the behaviour of fatigue in rubbers. Nevertheless, the fair has been focused in showing the pieces that had been developed within the European project Aerocar*. In Fakuma, Leartiker has shown for the first time to the public the piece developed in cooperation with Aeronova. Both entities will soon start the validation tests of this aeronautical piece that had been developed with automotive industry materials and processes. Furthermore, within this project also, other pieces were developed with other materials.

Fakuma is an excellent event to meet partners from different projects, clients and suppliers, to analyse new opportunities and to exchange opinions about ongoing projects.

It is the fourth time that Leartiker takes part in this fair, and as in the previous years, it will take advantage of the opportunity to establish and tighten relationships with clients and international partners.